Strickland Undefeated But Depressed

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Strickland Undefeated But DepressedDiscuss the IPT World Open 8-Ball Championship (/forums/index.php)Visit the IPT World Open 8-Ball Championship Image Gallery (/pool_billiard_photos/index.php?cat=16&page=3)“I’ve never had a clock on my matches,” he ranted without explanation. “That’s because it’s never gonna happen to me, don’t you get it? I’m not gonna let it happen, I don’t care if am playing the slowest guy in the tournament—I’m not gonna let it happen. I’ll keep him up to pace, I’ll get up to the table and hurry up and miss, let him back to the table. You know what he does? He goes to the bathroom first thing. They do have some stiff rules here—the one rule they are lacking is the shot clock more than anything. That’s the most imperative rule in this game—it protects me and the game and all the great, talented players. The guys that can’t think fast enough will just fall by the wayside. That’s the way it should it.

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