Tom Storm Disqualified from Billiards Tournament

September 4th, 2006 by Billiard News by Inside POOL Magazine Leave a reply »

Tom Storm Disqualified from IPT Billiards TournamentDiscuss the IPT World Open 8-Ball Championship (/forums/index.php)Visit the IPT World Open 8-Ball Championship Image Gallery (/pool_billiard_photos/index.php?cat=16&page=3)Afterward, Andrews firmly stated, “Mister Storm was using contraband equipment, a phenolic cue tip, which gives him an unfair advantage over all the other players and is technically cheating. It was very clearly laid out at the players meeting that if you use a phenolic tip you’re disqualified, so unfortunately in the first round we had to disqualify him and he forfeits his prize money.”

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