Surprises Pepper 5:30 p.m. Rounds

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Surprises Pepper 5:30 p.m. RoundsIPT discussion forum (/forums/index.php)Day 4 image gallery (/pool_billiard_photos/index.php?cat=14&page=5)Shannon Elizabeth image gallery (/pool_billiard_photos/thumbnails.php?album=18)Match schedule (/ipt-north-american-8-ball-championship-tournament-/content/view/3729/102/)“The match went good—I played a lot better, and I think I finally found what I was doing wrong from the previous days. Basically, I come from an English pool background where there is a lot of snooker cue action—it’s a lot more mechanic, if you like. I was missing a lot of balls and was playing only thirty percent of my game, so I went back to the old way and started it this morning.”Will he advance? “I am finished today—I’ve won one out of four. I think if the right things happen I can sneak in. I feel alright overall, just a bit disappointed.” Depending on the 8:00 p.m. round, Bustamante may or may not advance, as he only has one win today.

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