Xiaoting Pan Goes on to Finals

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Carolina Women’s Billiard Classic

Xiaoting Pan will meet Ga-Young Kim in the finals of the Carolina Women’s Billiard Classic, having defeated Vivian "The Texas Tornado" Villareal in the second semifinal match of the event.

Villareal drew first blood in this match after Pan missed a tough 8-9 combo down the rail, but soon Pan surpassed her, taking advantage of Villareal’s unsuccessful attempts at defensive play.

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Villareal came up empty on the break in the seventh rack, and Pan cleared the table to reach the hill 6-1.  But Pan missed the 1 ball in the following rack, and Villareal was out, claiming, "I’ve got too much heart!" A foul by Pan gave the next rack to Villareal as well, but when Villareal pushed out and left her opponent a shot, Pan took the ball and ran with it, clearing the difficult layout to win the second semifinal 7-3.

Ga-Young Kim and Xiaoting Pan will play each other in the final match of the Carolina Women’s Billiard Classic.

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