9 Ball Rules Summary

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9 Ball Pool Rules
Object Of The Game
Pot the 9 Ball! It’s that simple.

Racking The Balls
9 balls are used – each has a different colour, and they are numbered 1 to 9.
The balls are set up in a diamond formation – the 1 Ball sits at the front of the rack, on the spot nearest the back cushion.
The 9 ball goes in the middle of the diamond – the rest of the balls can be placed anywhere in the rack.

The Break
The game starts with the break-off shot. The cue ball is placed anywhere behind the headstring (‘the line’ if you’re used to snooker or pub pool!), and the player who is breaking shoots the cue ball into the rack of balls.
The breaking player must ensure he hits the 1 ball first, and that at least 4 balls hit a cushion.

The Push-Out
On the first shot after a legal break, regardless of whether any balls were potted off the break or who is at the table, a player can opt to play a push-out shot, which means for that one shot only he does not need to hit another ball or cushion, but he does not get to play another shot in that turn even if a ball goes in.
His opponent then has the choice of playing from where the cue ball has landed, or putting the other player back in to take the shot.
The game then continues as normal.
The push-out shot is extremely useful if you are snookered after the break.

Continuing Play
When a player takes a shot, he must always hit the lowest numbered ball that is still on the table. Any other ball can be legally potted, so long as the lowest numbered ball is the first one the cue ball makes contact with.
In addition, if a ball is not potted during a shot, then at least one ball (any object ball or the cue ball) must make contact with a cushion for the shot to be legal. This must happen after the cue ball has made contact with the object ball.
A player continues until he fails to pot a ball, or until he legally pots the 9 Ball and wins the frame.

A foul is committed if:
– The first ball the cue ball makes contect with is not the lowest numbered ball on the table
– The cue ball is potted or leaves the table
– A ball fails to hit a cushion after the cue ball has made contact with the object ball (doesn’t apply if a ball if potted during the shot)
When a player commits a foul, his opponent then has ‘ball in hand’, meaning he may place the cue ball anywhere on the table and continue playing.
If a player commits three consecutive fouls, he loses the frame, but only if his opponent reminds him after the second foul. If his opponent is not alert enough to mention it, this rule doesn’t apply. If the 9 Ball is potted during a foul shot it is then respotted

End Of Game
The game is over when a legal shot results in the 9 ball being pocketed, or if a player loses by conceding 3 consecutive fouls.

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UK Pro 9Ball Tour

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The UK Pro 9Ball Tour was founded in 1995, and is a series of open tournaments at various venues throughout the UK. These are all ranking events for the professionals who play in them, although anyone can enter by paying an entry fee of about £25. Total prize money for each event is usually about £3500, which is distributed among at least the final 16.
Anyone can become a member of the 9 Ball Pro Tour (use the contact details below), regardless of whether they are UK nationals.

The Tour was sponsored by Georgica (the parent company of Rileys snooker and pool clubs) in 2000, and runs from January to January each year.

Doug Gordon, Organiser
Tel: 02392 378 048 Brenda Smith, Secretary/Administrator
Tel: 020 8693 8311

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Joss 9 Ball Tour – Nine Ball with Mike Zuglan

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The Second Stop of the Joss Northeast 9-Ball Tour is being held at Trick Shot Billiards in Clifton Park, NY (15 miles north of Albany NY), on Saturday Oct 3 and Sunday Oct 4. Tim Berlin, owner of Trick Shot, is once again generously adding $2,000 to the event. This is the first of 2 events at Trick Shot this season. Trick Shot Billiards has a full food menu and a full bar for all to enjoy.

Signup for this event ends at noon, as always the standard Joss Tour dress code applies. More information regarding entry fees, member dues, schedules, results, directions, etc. can be found at

This week Jason Michas of will be on hand to provide online brackets for the entire event.

Best Western (518-371-1811) or Holiday Inn (518-579-3000) are a few of the area hotels. There are many more to choose from in the area as well. Call Trick Shot directly for more information on accommodations and directions at 518-383-8771.
TJ Laflamme won The Turning Stone prize package at TJ’s Classic Billiards in Waterville, ME last week, as winner he will receive free entry into the event and 3 paid room nights. Our next scheduled event which will have a Turning Stone Prize package will be Raxx Nov 14 & 15th.

Please be advised that the field for the Dec 17-20 2009 $25,000 Added Turning Stone Classic XIV is filling fast. To secure your entry, please contact Mike Zuglan at 518-356-7163, or see him at any Joss Northeast 9-Ball Tour event to pay your entry fee. This is a “first paid first in” event. Please enter now to avoid being shut out!

Please pass this email on to a friend so that they may be informed of all of our great events as well. Also, if you or someone you know would like to be kept up to date with all of our tour news, please call or email me with your complete name, address, phone # s and email address.

Mike Zuglan is now on Billiard Community so make sure to send him a friend request!

Mike Zuglan would like to thank all of the loyal fans, players, host rooms and generous sponsors for your continued support.

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4th China(Guangzhou) International Billiards Exhibition

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You can visit 4th China(Guangzhou) International Billiards Exhibition held in Guangzhou, China from 30th,March-1st April. There will all kinds of pool tables be exhibited. You can choose freely. Or you can contact me for visiting cards(for free).

Contact info:
Address: Guangzhou Grandeur Exhibition Service
Room 802B, Jiayue Building, No.38 of Zhongshan Mid Avenue, Guangzhou, China
Name: Jenny Xiong (Ms)
Phone: +86-20-22102949
Fax: +86-20-62861756
Mobile: +86158 7655 8395

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Billiard Terms – Letter P

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Another post courtesy of our peeps over at Billiards Forum ( – this time, the letter “p” from their world-renowned billiard terminology glossary – the largest and most complete billiard terms glossary in the world today.

Billiard Words – P

Billiards – Pack

Billiards – Package

Billiards – Paper Cut

Billiards – Parkers Box

Billiards – Parking The Cue Ball

Billiards – Pay

Billiards – Pea

Billiards – Pea Bottle

Billiards – Pearl

Billiards – Peas

Billiards – Pile

Billiards – Pill

Billiards – Pill Bottle

Billiards – Pills

Billiards – Pin

Billiards – Pin Ball

Billiards – Pink Ball

Billiards – Pins

Billiards – Pique

Billiards – Piquet

Billiards – Pitcher

Billiards – Pitching

Billiards – Plant

Billiards – Play The Cue Ball

Billiards – Playing The Ghost

Billiards – Playing The Score

Billiards – Pocket

Billiards – Pocket Apiece

Billiards – Pocket Billiards

Billiards – Pocket Shelf

Billiards – Pocket Speed

Billiards – Pockets

Billiards – Point

Billiards – Points

Billiards – Poker Pool

Billiards – Pool Shark

Billiards – Pool Table

Billiards – Pool Table Cloth Marks

Billiards – Position

Billiards – Position Play

Billiards – Post Up

Billiards – Pot

Billiards – Pot And Tuck

Billiards – Potter

Billiards – Potting Angle

Billiards – Power Shot

Billiards – Power Through

Billiards – Power Thru

Billiards – Pro Side

Billiards – Pro Side Of The Pocket

Billiards – Professional Foul

Billiards – Professional Side

Billiards – Professional Side Of The Pocket

Billiards – Prograde Follow

Billiards – Prograde Topspin

Billiards – Protect

Billiards – Push

Billiards – Push Out

Billiards – Push Shot

Billiards – Pushout

Billiards – Putting Money In The Rack

Thanks for visiting, and be sure to check out billiards forum at asap!

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Billiard Glossary Updates

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There have been a lot of updates to the glossary over at the billiards forum. Here are a few excerpts.

Walk The Dog
Weak to the Pocket
Wet Table
White Ball
Wild Handicap
Wing Ball
Wing Shot
Wipe Its Feet
World Championships
Wild 8
World Snooker Championship
Yellow Ball
Yellow Pocket
Z Bank
0-2 Barbecue
14.1 Continuous
7 Ball
8 Ball
9 Ball
6 Ball
10 Ball
3 Foul Rule

These are the terms from the letter W to Z and 0 to 10.

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Jones and Pan New Champions

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Jones and Pan New Champions
by InsidePOOL Staff

The 9-Ball Championships ended Thursday evening, crowning Jeremy Jones and Xiaoting Pan the new champions. This event was held in conjunction with the Billiard Congress of America’s annual trade show and was hosted by the Charlotte Convention Center.

In the first final match, both of which were taped by ESPN, Jones met Ronnie Wiseman to vie for the title. In the error-ridden set, it seemed that both parties’ nerves were getting the better…

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Final Two Matches Set for Championships

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Final Two Matches Set for Championships
by InsidePOOL Staff

The two final matches in the 2008 9-Ball Championships are set for Thursday evening beginning at 7 p.m. Ronnie Wiseman will play against Jeremy Jones in the men’s final, while it will be an all-Asian women’s final between Xiaoting Pan and Ga Young Kim.

In the first semifinal match of the day, Wiseman met Johnny Archer. They traded the first four racks, but then Wiseman won the next three in a…

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IPT Commentary Voting

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IPT Commentary Voting
The International Pool Tour has opened voting to see who will
replace Mike Sigel in the booth as commentator for the June 24th live Ultimate
Series webcast. Mike Sigel, ten-time World Champion and Hall of Fame
member is the resident commentator for live IPT match play. However, for the
first time in many years he will be competing at 14.1 Straight Pool in the IPT
Ultimate 14.1 Straight Pool under-card match against John Schmidt. Fans can
vote through Sunday night (midnight) for who…

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Billiards Semifinals Set for Championships

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Billiards Semifinals Set for Championships
by InsidePOOL Staff
Only four players remain in each division of the 9-Ball Championships, with the semifinals set for Wednesday afternoon and evening. All semifinal and final matches will be taped for later broadcasts by ESPN.
In the first semifinal of the day, Johnny Archer will meet up with Ronnie Wiseman. Archer, having bested Tony Crosby 11-5, matched up with Gabe Owen in the final round Tuesday evening. The two players went neck and neck through…

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