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Billiard Terms – Letter P

October 28th, 2009

Another post courtesy of our peeps over at Billiards Forum ( – this time, the letter “p” from their world-renowned billiard terminology glossary – the largest and most complete billiard terms glossary in the world today.

Billiard Words – P

Billiards – Pack

Billiards – Package

Billiards – Paper Cut

Billiards – Parkers Box

Billiards – Parking The Cue Ball

Billiards – Pay

Billiards – Pea

Billiards – Pea Bottle

Billiards – Pearl

Billiards – Peas

Billiards – Pile

Billiards – Pill

Billiards – Pill Bottle

Billiards – Pills

Billiards – Pin

Billiards – Pin Ball

Billiards – Pink Ball

Billiards – Pins

Billiards – Pique

Billiards – Piquet

Billiards – Pitcher

Billiards – Pitching

Billiards – Plant

Billiards – Play The Cue Ball

Billiards – Playing The Ghost

Billiards – Playing The Score

Billiards – Pocket

Billiards – Pocket Apiece

Billiards – Pocket Billiards

Billiards – Pocket Shelf

Billiards – Pocket Speed

Billiards – Pockets

Billiards – Point

Billiards – Points

Billiards – Poker Pool

Billiards – Pool Shark

Billiards – Pool Table

Billiards – Pool Table Cloth Marks

Billiards – Position

Billiards – Position Play

Billiards – Post Up

Billiards – Pot

Billiards – Pot And Tuck

Billiards – Potter

Billiards – Potting Angle

Billiards – Power Shot

Billiards – Power Through

Billiards – Power Thru

Billiards – Pro Side

Billiards – Pro Side Of The Pocket

Billiards – Professional Foul

Billiards – Professional Side

Billiards – Professional Side Of The Pocket

Billiards – Prograde Follow

Billiards – Prograde Topspin

Billiards – Protect

Billiards – Push

Billiards – Push Out

Billiards – Push Shot

Billiards – Pushout

Billiards – Putting Money In The Rack

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Billiard Glossary Updates

June 15th, 2008

There have been a lot of updates to the glossary over at the billiards forum. Here are a few excerpts.

Walk The Dog
Weak to the Pocket
Wet Table
White Ball
Wild Handicap
Wing Ball
Wing Shot
Wipe Its Feet
World Championships
Wild 8
World Snooker Championship
Yellow Ball
Yellow Pocket
Z Bank
0-2 Barbecue
14.1 Continuous
7 Ball
8 Ball
9 Ball
6 Ball
10 Ball
3 Foul Rule

These are the terms from the letter W to Z and 0 to 10.

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Pankaj Advani

May 1st, 2008

Pankaj Advani is known as India’s greatest snooker and billiard player. There is an expanded Pankaj Advani profile over in the pool players section of the billiards forum.

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