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Billiard Terms – Letter P

October 28th, 2009

Another post courtesy of our peeps over at Billiards Forum ( – this time, the letter “p” from their world-renowned billiard terminology glossary – the largest and most complete billiard terms glossary in the world today.

Billiard Words – P

Billiards – Pack

Billiards – Package

Billiards – Paper Cut

Billiards – Parkers Box

Billiards – Parking The Cue Ball

Billiards – Pay

Billiards – Pea

Billiards – Pea Bottle

Billiards – Pearl

Billiards – Peas

Billiards – Pile

Billiards – Pill

Billiards – Pill Bottle

Billiards – Pills

Billiards – Pin

Billiards – Pin Ball

Billiards – Pink Ball

Billiards – Pins

Billiards – Pique

Billiards – Piquet

Billiards – Pitcher

Billiards – Pitching

Billiards – Plant

Billiards – Play The Cue Ball

Billiards – Playing The Ghost

Billiards – Playing The Score

Billiards – Pocket

Billiards – Pocket Apiece

Billiards – Pocket Billiards

Billiards – Pocket Shelf

Billiards – Pocket Speed

Billiards – Pockets

Billiards – Point

Billiards – Points

Billiards – Poker Pool

Billiards – Pool Shark

Billiards – Pool Table

Billiards – Pool Table Cloth Marks

Billiards – Position

Billiards – Position Play

Billiards – Post Up

Billiards – Pot

Billiards – Pot And Tuck

Billiards – Potter

Billiards – Potting Angle

Billiards – Power Shot

Billiards – Power Through

Billiards – Power Thru

Billiards – Pro Side

Billiards – Pro Side Of The Pocket

Billiards – Professional Foul

Billiards – Professional Side

Billiards – Professional Side Of The Pocket

Billiards – Prograde Follow

Billiards – Prograde Topspin

Billiards – Protect

Billiards – Push

Billiards – Push Out

Billiards – Push Shot

Billiards – Pushout

Billiards – Putting Money In The Rack

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Billiard Glossary Updates

June 15th, 2008

There have been a lot of updates to the glossary over at the billiards forum. Here are a few excerpts.

Walk The Dog
Weak to the Pocket
Wet Table
White Ball
Wild Handicap
Wing Ball
Wing Shot
Wipe Its Feet
World Championships
Wild 8
World Snooker Championship
Yellow Ball
Yellow Pocket
Z Bank
0-2 Barbecue
14.1 Continuous
7 Ball
8 Ball
9 Ball
6 Ball
10 Ball
3 Foul Rule

These are the terms from the letter W to Z and 0 to 10.

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